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Android Applications That Pay You Money

Do you want to make money with your cell phone? There are several free programs you could put on your Android phone to make some quick money. To make your decision a little easier, this guide will highlight the best programs such as Panda Helper that will pay you to unlock your phone. If you want to make some quick money, then you should consider installing each of these programs on your phone. You will earn free money for something you would do anyway. Here are the best Android programs that will pay you to unlock your phone.



The LifeSlide! Program is one of the most significant programs that will pay you to unlock your phone. With a simple tap, you will get points every hour. You can exchange the points for real money via PayPal. Also, you can earn money by watching short videos by downloading various apps on the walls of the app offers. 1000 LifeSlide! If you enter the referral code below once you install the app, you can earn bonus points for free.


The Slidejoy lock screen app works the same way as LifeSlide! You earn points (or perhaps “carats”) when you swipe to unlock your phone. For every 1,000 carats, you can earn about $1. You can redeem your points on PayPal or exchange them for Amazon or Starbucks gift cards.

Similarly, you can earn more points by downloading various apps through Slidejoy’s interface and making scratch-off offers. If you choose to do the scratch-off, you might be shown a short video ad, then you’ll probably try scratching to get additional carats. Also, there is a continuous news feed of all the men and women who have won money on the app every day. This is further proof that the program is paying people on a timely and regular basis.

WHAFF Locker


WHAFF Locker is one of the best Android programs that pay you. Earn money by simply swiping your phone. By swiping, you can see the content of the ads and earn extra income. The ads that deliver in the program are also created according to your unique taste and are very interesting to determine. Earn money by downloading apps and watching videos.

WHAFF Locker’s plan is not difficult to understand. It suggests the amount of money you have received instead of using a point-based system. It is also one of the few locker apps that allows you to exchange money in Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Critical Points on Choosing Apps for Your Smartphones

When determining applications for your cell phone, it is essential to choose thoroughly. In the beginning, only several developers created these apps. Nevertheless, their sudden rise in demand led many programmers to maintain the trade. Since then, countless new mobile programs have been made available to customers on various smartphones. On the other hand, it can be difficult for customers to keep up with each new release on the market. Therefore, read the following several critical points on choosing apps for your smartphones. Choose CokerNutX for your best AppStore to download any preferred apps.



Several phones run various varieties of software termed operating systems. Phones like the Droid X use the Android operating system. Programmers create mobile applications to be compatible with the particular type of software applied on the phone. Therefore, it is imperative to obtain programs that are compatible with your particular device. Older phones, such as the T-Mobile Sidekick, may have accessible apps. However, you can only see them in the marketplace on the phone’s interface. Every phone has its marketplace of apps, and some may even use software downloaded from different sites.

Keywords to Search for Apps

Whenever you know the kind of performance you need from a program, you may come across a current software that resembles this. Think about the catchwords used in the information of a program you want. Furthermore, you can also rank software by cost and other comparable metrics. These native search methods are robust, but some third-party vendors suggest options that narrow down applications based on other models. You may want to work both to find the best result.

User Reviews and Ratings


Quality mobile apps will have relatively high ranks from users. User reviews are one of the best guides you can use to gauge consumer decisions. With such various applications out there for mobile gadgets, this point can be challenging to decide the most suitable alternatives available on the AppStore. Therefore, consider the reviews and ratings to find the best result and avoid suspicious malware apps that may harm your gadgets.

The most famous products such as the iPhone and Android Market smartphones draw a massive society of developers that put out different apps on a nearly daily basis. Consider these pointers when you are taking a different app for your mobile phone. Free iPhone utilization is an excellent way to explore unknown subjects. Thousands of free iPhone web apps are also another great way to explore and discover other subjects you might be very interested in.


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Panda Helper : Avoid Fake Installer Apps

There is a wide variety of apps for Android, but there are also some that are harmful to your phone and devices. Pushing links through advertising and asking you to sign up to provide SMS packages made there to steal your data. After downloading them, while chaos reigns, you have to deal with these applications that take data without 24. are monitoring programs on Google Play and apps.

If you receive alarms, you need to uninstall them immediately on your device. Here is a list that might allow you to keep track of programs that install malware on your Android device or Android smartphone An online monitoring agency has reported a fake Google Play installer residing on a third-party website. Google is fine with the domain. On the other hand, Russian and European users are currently the target of the application, but this does not mean that you are safe. Panda Helper is one of the best apps to avoid malware, it is not fake apps.


Fake Installer

Fakeinstaller and BadBadPiggies, which are designed to trick customers into downloading their particular applications. Once you download this application, you will find that the progress bar is fake. In the background, this application starts sending speed messages. Information such as your device ID is sent to your Google Account.

Fake Music Apps

When looking for music applications that you are sure to choose, choose the most popular ones. The Zoukomobile music application is. This application is located on the platform of a programming provider. It provides streaming hyperlinks to artists and melodies. When you start streaming songs, you will be charged 4 euros per week. The SMS are automatically subscribed to you. If you review the terms of this program, you will probably see a payment based on a clause. Please note that you may have to pay for the sound transmission.

Malware Cloaked settings

Malware is hidden under a program that is supposed to creep into your machine incomprehensibly. You can install the application as soon as it works and sneaks it into your device. If you try to do so, you will discover a module that could redirect you to another website. There you will be redirected through the terms and conditions of the support site. You can be sure that this service will help you choose a premium SMS subscription, while the program may have started sending expensive messages in the background.

Fake Fun Apps

Often, to have fun or make jokes, you download applications that have been fun since the sound fart application. This system seems fair to have a five-star rating for consumers. AirPush is famous. Ads will appear in the notification bar, and the home screen is currently full of advertising icons. Theoretically, malware is not limited to a certain level or even a gadget. Once you use a BlackBerry, Symbian, or iOS device, you may be at risk.


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Effective Apps and Tips To Increase Your Productivity

You probably already know how hard it is to finish tasks if you are someone who often procrastinates. Several things will make you focus and save time.

Time Management Apps

Aside from your effort to keep focused, some apps can help you stay on track. We listed some of the apps that are useful for time management and productivity. You can use TutuApp for easy downloading and installation process of the app that you like.

alarm clock

Toggl, this app lets you track your time. Toggl can be useful for the 45/15 rule that will mention later since it has a timer as one of its features. The interface makes it easy to use and available to separate each task by projects.

RescueTime, as the name suggests, will rescue you from procrastinating. The app will keep track of your behavior and your screen time on every website. Another useful feature it has is you can block sites that might be distracting to you, or you can set a timer to stop using them.

Google Keep, this app is highly beneficial if you use Google Drive for your work. Since they have integrated their services, the app will help your tasks organized. For instance, you can add to-do lists and sketch reminders, enabling you to combine your visual thoughts and information in a digital notebook.

45/15 Principle

The 45/15 rule is a well-known method for anyone who procrastinates a lot. The basic concept is that you can focus on working for 45 minutes and then give your self a break for 15 minutes to do whatever you want. It means entirely shifting your focus. For instance, instead of just sitting behind the computer or writing, you could go for a walk, clean your room, prepare a snack, or do something else. This way, you can be successful during these 45 minutes of work and save time by not having to work for hours. Using a timer in this method will help you stick to the 45/15 rule.

Alternative Options

to do list written on the paperAll the mentioned apps are undoubtedly useful, but it’s essential to set an outline for your tasks first. If the 45/15 principle doesn’t work for you, another alternative for productivity is Time-Blocking.

It’s a particular task; to create a to-do list. You can scribble it on a piece of paper or use one of the apps mentioned. It is wise to set a time for each task so that you can focus and finish your project on time.

Important Task First

laptop and notebookThere are many ways to get off the track during the day, and it always seems more natural to do small tasks quickly before moving on to larger ones, especially since minimal commissions take the least energy and time.
Prioritizing important tasks save you time in the long run because they will not be a huge distraction to your tasks. Besides, it increases your productivity for the day and makes your time less stressful.