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Android Applications That Pay You Money

Do you want to make money with your cell phone? There are several free programs you could put on your Android phone to make some quick money. To make your decision a little easier, this guide will highlight the best programs such as Panda Helper that will pay you to unlock your phone. If you want to make some quick money, then you should consider installing each of these programs on your phone. You will earn free money for something you would do anyway. Here are the best Android programs that will pay you to unlock your phone.



The LifeSlide! Program is one of the most significant programs that will pay you to unlock your phone. With a simple tap, you will get points every hour. You can exchange the points for real money via PayPal. Also, you can earn money by watching short videos by downloading various apps on the walls of the app offers. 1000 LifeSlide! If you enter the referral code below once you install the app, you can earn bonus points for free.


The Slidejoy lock screen app works the same way as LifeSlide! You earn points (or perhaps “carats”) when you swipe to unlock your phone. For every 1,000 carats, you can earn about $1. You can redeem your points on PayPal or exchange them for Amazon or Starbucks gift cards.

Similarly, you can earn more points by downloading various apps through Slidejoy’s interface and making scratch-off offers. If you choose to do the scratch-off, you might be shown a short video ad, then you’ll probably try scratching to get additional carats. Also, there is a continuous news feed of all the men and women who have won money on the app every day. This is further proof that the program is paying people on a timely and regular basis.

WHAFF Locker


WHAFF Locker is one of the best Android programs that pay you. Earn money by simply swiping your phone. By swiping, you can see the content of the ads and earn extra income. The ads that deliver in the program are also created according to your unique taste and are very interesting to determine. Earn money by downloading apps and watching videos.

WHAFF Locker’s plan is not difficult to understand. It suggests the amount of money you have received instead of using a point-based system. It is also one of the few locker apps that allows you to exchange money in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

AI vs human

How Artificial Intelligence Is Different from Human

People are familiar with artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence is the real evidence of the development of technology. However, artificial intelligence affects life, either in a good or bad way. It can give many benefits, but danger human life. Artificial intelligence can act in such a way as to avoid the hands of intelligent devices that work, helps the individual solve problems with an expert, and make people more and more inactive.

People have often mentioned artificial intelligence before, and artificial intelligence technology is also advanced to the highest technology and science levels. AI can help people do a fantastic amount of things, such as finding some necessary tools, finding essential advice, and solving problems that cannot be solved in their understanding. If you find this article is interesting, you should read more.


The Core of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is related to human intellect. Because consciousness is an extraordinary way to move substances, it is so determined by the idea of cybernetics, which uses practical simulation to create a computer that simulates many of these elements in his body and mechanizes some of the intelligent actions of the individual, called artificial intelligence.

Although artificial intelligence can mimic certain actions of your mind and transcend your head’s abilities in certain places, artificial intelligence will not become human wisdom and will not replace human understanding. Machine thinking” should not be equated with faith in the individual mind. It is unfounded to believe that it can transcend human belief in the mind. The human mind is primarily a physical and psychological process.

The Differentiation of AI and Human

Artificial intelligence is not social. Human wisdom is social. Artificial intelligence does not possess the initiative and creativity inherent in the human mind. Therefore, artificial intelligence is quite different from humankind.

The computer can replace or even exceed the part of his mind, but it exceeds apart compared to the individual mind and is not as good as the whole. An intelligent machine is the materialization of human consciousness. Its development and creation are not only determined by the level of development of technology and social science. Still, they must also be determined by the self-understanding of the human mind.

When you see that computers can perhaps believe in human thought or even overcome it, the idea that computers and robots will dominate the people of the future is completely unfounded.

The Significance of Artificial Intelligence

The growth and development of artificial intelligence have strongly demonstrated that understanding is its purpose and the individual mind’s chemical property. The growth and development of artificial intelligence have deepened our understanding of consciousness’s relative freedom and initiative.

intelligenceThe artificial intelligence of the machine shows that thought-forms in thought activities are relatively independent of thought content. It can be perceived and converted into mechanical and physical modes of movement that partially replace human thought activities.

With the growth of technology and science, artificial intelligence increases to a higher level, which increases the development of science and technology, human productivity, and wisdom to a higher level. It will play a major role in the progress of human civilization.

Some people will have their perspectives. They could then believe that artificial intelligence can overcome the human intellect, which is determined by its physical characteristics. It is because of the development of it, sometimes, faster than humans rapidly.

The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence brings some impacts on our life, especially in helping the human’s work. When it is necessary, it is natural to use computer tools to solve problems. Even more important, artificial intelligence helps man to understand the introduction of his wisdom finally. The system of specialists extends to all areas of life and also brings enormous macroeconomic advantages.

AI has also supported the development of the computer industry market. But at the same time, it also brings problems in the employment of labor. The use of AI in technology and engineering can replace individuals in various technical and intellectual work, leading to drastic social structure changes. Besides, AI also offers a new version of the cultural lifestyle of the individual.

av receiver

An Audio-Visual Receiver Buying Checklist

Many people wish to own a home theater system in their living room, watching unlimited movies with family at the most comfortable place. In this case, people always focus on smart and expensive television to make their home theater comes true. In fact, a home theater does not complete without the great support of the audio system.  

Your home theater will need audio-visual receivers (AV receivers) to perform various tasks such as decoding signals for surround sound, tuning radio channels, suspending speakers, and switching between audio and video components. This way, you can have an immense and rich experience of home theater at your home. As you have understood the importance of AV receivers, it is time to buy one. Ensure you have equipped with well-knowledge about its buying checklist to lead you into the perfect product for your need. Also, check out the video for more features to put into consideration when purchasing an AV receiver.

User-Friendly Configuration

audio volumeIndeed, a high-tech AV receiver is great. However, always remember that you must be able to understand how to use it. Ensure that the screen panel is understandable to configure, so you can set it as you wish. You know how to make it sound like a concert hall or suitable for movie quality. It is a waste if you buy a high tech one, but your AV receiver is getting dusty because you cannot figure out how to turn it on or navigate the setting. Notice that an excellent receiver often includes a graphical interface that allows the user to configure and operate the receiver. All information is displayed clearly, so you can understand how to navigate and utilize the device.


audio equalizerIf you are a newcomer, installing a home entertainment system with the right components connected can be difficult. It is hard to ensure all parts are working properly. However, almost all the best audio receivers make this component a little easier by providing an automatic speaker calibration function that allows the receiver to analyze and mechanically correct the connected speaker system’s sound. This technology works for both traditional two-channel home entertainment programming and surrounds sound home theater.

Airplay Compatibility

A perfect AV receiver is probably compatible with AirPlay, the latest technology that allows users to stream music wirelessly from an iOS (Apple) device combined with digital applications like Pandora. It will enable music to stream directly to the receiver. Ensure your iPhone, iPad, or iPod version has built-in wireless streaming capabilities until you get an AirPlay-compatible receiver.

Power Wattage

Power determines a solid receiver’s ability to play full, dynamic audio. A high voltage device will provide better sound quality than people with less power, even at medium-low film volume. Depending on the speaker’s sensitivity, the power needed to match specific speakers is determined by the number of decibels they emit per watt of power.

You may find that speakers with lower sensitivity require more power. Be sure to consider the size of the area. If it is a large room in which an entertainment system is placed, more power is needed. Another factor to consider is the amount of energy required, such as watching a home theater or using a stereo receiver. The stereo receiver will be a much simpler and less expensive device for music lovers who do not always look for a theatrical experience with surround sound. An AV home theater receiver is designed to provide customers with a fully immersive surround sound experience that they can enjoy.

Inputs and Outputs

It is always better to have more inputs and outputs in a device. These features are important as you need enough of them to easily operate all your devices, plus a few extras just in case. While an excellent variety of inputs and outputs is important, you need to be sure that it is the ideal type, too.


Games for Your Android Mobile Phone

The Android application for accessible resources is growing very fast. For a long time, there were only a few scams and unfinished games on Android. We should not compare the Android Market with the Apple software store. The vast majority of Android phones are cheaper than the iPhone.

Android has a wide selection of smartphones in different price ranges. This has made many people choose Android phones. Today Android is perhaps the most widely used portable smartphone platform. Due to Android’s proliferation, game developers around the world have started to deliver their work for this stage. Today Android includes a wide selection of excellent games. The Android market is a program that provides for all Android devices.

Users can quickly install programs and games from the Android market. They are paid and completely free apps and games. The programs and games are listed in various courses in the Android industry. It is highlighted, the best tabs of free and paid programs for easy navigation. The search function in the android market is very valuable for consumers. To know more about mobile games, visit ecommercetimes.com.

Angry Birds


Angry Birds is one of the most popular games. In this application, you want to eliminate bad pigs utilizing slingshots with birds and recover their eggs. You have different types of birds with other skills to kill the beans. It is a fascinating game. There are quite a few fans of Angry Birds all over the world. The game, Angry Birds, is free for the android market.

This game is offered in three variations. The new update, released in December 2011, contains a new chapter called Bird Day Party. It consists of fifteen levels and updated graphics.

Cut the Rope

There is a candy that connects to the ropes. It would be best if you cut the strings to fall it directly to the mouth. This game has incredible images in cartoon style. Cut the rope is an extremely addictive and fun game.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing Game is different from traditional racing games. It is a fascinating game between two cars on an immediate track. In this game, there is a great selection of vehicles on the market. The multiplayer option allows you to play with friends and family on the Internet. By winning races, you can get points. It is not necessary to maneuver the car in acceleration races. The appropriate team changes determine your performance in this sport. The game is simple and easy to play. Drag Racing is a fascinating racing game to play.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Smartphone

Nowadays, smartphones have become part and parcel of our lives. We utilize them for saving our information on the cloud servers, surfing the web, shooting pictures and videos, and communication, in a nutshell, phones to make your life easier. It is more difficult to decide on the most suitable one considering we have new mobile phones in the market every day. Given below are some things that can allow you to select one that fits your requirements.ip phone

Build and Design

The smartphone marketplace offers two types of builds: metal and plastic. You can discover some brands which contain gorilla technology screens. Dependent on how you use your smartphone, you ought to pick the ideal size and screen resolution. For example, if you spend your time streaming movies or downloading pictures, we recommend that you opt for a mobile with a screen between 5.5 and 6 inches. The resolution ought to be full-HD or QHD. Please be aware that phones with big displays are somewhat bulky.

Processor and Camera

appsEvery device has its processing capacity based on plenty of UI and OS variant variables, to mention a couple. For users who must edit pictures files and videos, a smartphone using Snapdragon 820/821 processor can be a selection.

Generally, people believe a smartphone comprising a high MP camera is a great one for shooting photographs. The quality of images doesn’t depend on the camera’s MP. It depends upon many different variables like pixel dimensions, ISO degrees, and camera aperture, to mention a couple.


Dependent on how you use your phone, the battery will probably last longer. If you use your cellphone to play HD videos or games, we recommend that you go to get a phone with a good battery. For light users, a phone using a battery that is 3000mAh will suffice.

When purchasing a handset, be sure to think about the OS version also. The UI is a part of the OS. It’s a fantastic idea to settle on a system with an OS that is easy to use.


Social Media

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Company

A mobile application can change the world. Applications like “Pinterest” or “Facebook ” are not popular because famous entrepreneurs launched them. It is these applications that accept the world’s approach. A fantastic number of growing application companies have emerged to offer their customers specific and suitable application alternatives as the demand for application increases development continues to grow.

Check for the Cost

Hand If you are developing an on-demand mobile delivery app, you need to have a cost estimate. If you want to know about it, visit https://www.ilounge.com/articles/a-cost-estimate-of-developing-an-on-demand-mobile-delivery-app to know more. Development costs and application quality continue to struggle if it has to do with mobile application development provider choice.

Know About App Requirements

It may sound simple, but it can help identify growing companies if you understand application development needs. This process should begin with an analysis of business intentions and requirements that you need to transform into specific program attributes and plug-ins. We have found that some of our customers have difficulty deciding what to expect from their business program.

Inquire About App Delivery

Woman Find out how long it takes to get your application to market. Faster “time to market” is the new requirement from the moment of interruptions. If your preferred mobile application development provider is slow to bring applications to the market, you are more likely to lag behind the competition. The faster your business program gets to market, the higher your return on investment will be.

Check Their Portfolio

Hand Start analyzing your portfolio the moment you start building the website of any application development company that is a mobile operator. Portfolios offer you the way and also an excellent overview of the professional issues and corporate domain names in which the company has been involved. You are also likely to contact the company that has the capability or can understand if they have worked on the type of application you want.


Basic Understanding of Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality Games: Pokemon GoWho has never played the booming game Pokemon Go? Many people have already installed and played the game on their smartphone, earning high profits to the developers after its release. The game is unique, letting people catch pokemon balls they find in the real world that can be seen virtually in the smartphone. This advanced technology is the one people known as augmented reality. 

As this technology influences reality with digital images, many think that it looks like an illusion or virtual reality. Some specialists describe it as a combination of the real-world perceived by the spectator and the digital spectacle created by providing information and data. Many organizations use this technology to add effect to their marketing and events by generating themselves or handing it to professionals. As this technology keeps developing, more and more sectors come up to utilize it for their benefits. Not only that, but individuals can also use this technology by downloading some applications on their mobile phones. Keep reading to learn more about the basic understanding of augmented reality technology.

Augmented Reality Effect

A powerful augmented reality could improve the user’s sensory understanding of the digital or electronic world she/he is watching or interacting with. This particular technology works with hidden content. It means that the same content is hidden by images of markers inserted into both printing and film presses. These markers are positioned to cover the exhibition in an appropriate period in a fixed location to allow an application to recognize and explore them.


Augmented Reality Advantages

There are many advantages of augmented reality. The widely innovative way is in the aspect of marketing development. It makes a product presentation become much more attractive in a 3D mode and activated as an overlay marker. The user can see this in a 360-degree image, ensuring that it can be seen from all different angles. This way, it helps the audience appreciate the products’ entirety. Some creators would also allow the customer to know how the item fits by giving the subject the expected size and allowing the user to “try” the product. It may be possible either through a device or a live event. In the current development, the augmented reality also becomes useful to help medical treatment and education. The technology helps many students, residents, practitioners, doctors, and even patients get the best experience in healthcare service improvement.

Augmented Reality Operation

The alternative way to understand how augmented reality works is through playing video games. The way to make this approach possible is by creating a marker print out and holding it in a computer webcam. The screen shows an image of the marker as well as the background, allowing the user to place the marker in particular areas like an eyebrow to create a mask or perhaps pull the marker to develop a suitable game character. In some non-mandatory circumstances, the augmented reality does not need a marker to display the virtual and real-world illusion.


Tips to Choose the Best Digital Camera for Photography

It is a confusing task for an amateur photographer to get the right digital camera. If you are planning to find a digital camera for great photography, you need to make sure that you can have a good find. It will be difficult for a newcomer to understand the value of jargon, even if the markets are bombarded with product variants and manufacturers.

Advertising and product reviews can help. Getting familiar with a camera is a process. It’s definitely better to get started. For a new photographer, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a retailer or professional.

Check for the Camera Size

HandFirst of all, the buyer needs to make sure of the camera’s size. Even if companies target amateurs, the Canon lXUS 20 IS, or the Kodak Z950 is suitable for newcomers when introducing these products. It will be a choice for them. Others, including Sony, Nikon, Casio, Samsung, and Panasonic, have a dealer or professional who will be able to show the perfect product for their buyer with the individual’s option.

Check for the Megapixel

The amount of megapixels is also an essential element. It is essential when it comes to all sizes of prints. It’s a great idea to choose a camera with 5MP or higher every time the photographer wants to enlarge and position the prints. Digital cameras with a resolution of up to 12 pixels or more are available on the market; they are expensive. It should be noted that their price is determined by the number of pixels they provide. Beginners who want to take a portrait can choose cameras with only two pixels.

Check for Zoom Adjustments

There are two forms of zoom and magnification. Zoom is mentioned in many camera advertisements. It is the optical zoom that is applicable to get. The curtains move towards it. Digital zoom is different. Buyers need to know the difference between the two different types of zoom and what it means. For beginners, you need a digital camera with a 3x optical zoom. Experts choose the half modes that offer them opportunities, although most are easier to use. Amateurs should learn the skills.

Check for Camera Settings

Settings are an absolute necessity. The photographer can capture moving objects, which can be a task for amateurs by manipulating the shutter and aperture. The equipment determines the cost of the camera. Auto focus functions may cause seizures due to shooting, bumps, or shocks. When deciding on products, you will find a selection for your customers, but as mentioned above, you must be careful.


Five Ways Technology Can Improve Education

The development of technology has introduced a sudden advancement in learning because learning materials are available everywhere globally. The internet is a seemingly authoritative source that can be used for good when used for scholarly purposes. As we all know, technology comes with its fair share of drawbacks, but an understanding of how to use the internet safely is necessary for today’s worlds. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. In case you are questioning how technology can improve education continue reading.

How technology improves education

Learners can learn on their own

Technologies like the internet providewoman reading e-book people with the chance to educate themselves from the convenience of their home. It allows one to study as much as they want about anything. For instance, if you are interested in a course or subject that your current institution doesn’t cover you could take it upon yourself to get an education via online classes by signing up for a class free of charge or pay some fee. Through online forums among other websites, you can post queries and get instant responses. Apart from allowing you to learn on your own, technology also allows the students to chat with their instructors or other educational experts.

Advanced teaching methods

Another way in which technology improves education is advanced teaching options that allow more interaction between the learner and teacher. With the blending of tablet computers in recent years more interactive teaching and learning methods have been formulated. Interactive learning allows students to learn effectively unlike traditionally just fighting to concentrate and listen to the teacher.

Personalized learning

Customized learning is another improvement in the education sector that has arisen due to technology mainly via the use of the internet. The concept behind personalized learning is to support students to be more responsible for their learning. With personalized learning, even slow learners can learn quicker.

Saving time and money

The world’s adaptability to technology in education has many benefits to the students because students who live far away from learning institutions don’t have to waste time as well as money often traveling to attend classes. Technological advances have made learning a lot easier because students can learn or even sit for their exams without leaving the comfort of their home.


With online learning, you don’t honline learningave to worry about following a particular schedule because you have the chance to attend your classes when you wish. You have access to the internet around the clock.

Technology invented for educational use is advancing at an incredible rate, and it’s clear that it has a significant impact. Proof of its positive influence is how education is heavily depending on the internet. It once again emphasizes the potential of technology and that it will be blended into all areas where it’s of benefit sooner or later. The possibilities are endless.