How smartphones enhance development

Technology can change the world and make people’s lives better. In fact, technology has been a driving force of economic development the world over, for centuries now. Thanks to the advent of technology, mobile technology was invented and more, in particular, smartphones.

In the present day, it is practically impossible to live without a smartphone. Many of us have their whole lives tangled up on these little portable and versatile devices. From the usual making calls, and sending text messages, surfing the net, checking emails, managing calendars, listening to music, watching videos, and so much more, smartphones can be used for just about anything, you name it.

For all the potential benefits we gain from having smartphones, development takes up a high tier. In this piece, we are going to look at some of the great ways smartphones have enhanced the developing world.

Short history of smartphonesphone

In the last decade, the Blackberry was the high end desired phone preferred by busy executives all over the world. This was up until the launch of the first iPhone by Apple in 2007 revolutionized the popular mobile phone at the time from one device of communication into an all in one versatile and functional platform whose functionality is evolving at a rapid rate. Today, there are thousands of smartphone brands manufacturing more and more revolutionized devices to make life much easier.

Indeed, in our contemporary world, smartphones have been a success story of the last decade that has revolutionized the world as we know it

How smartphones enhance development

Internet everywhere

Before smartphones were introduced, the internet and web browsing used to occur in an office where a computer had to be connected with an internet cable. Wireless access made possible by smartphones and laptops made web surfing so much easier. Today, you can surf the internet when you are pretty much anywhere in the house, road, and park or on travel as long as there is cellular network available.

Endless applications

Today, you can find just about any application you need on various online stores on the internet. The best part is that most of these applications are designed to make our work easier and improve the business world.

Enhancing banking facilities

A smartphone is essentially a small portable computer. Smartphones have led to the invention of mobile banking which has come in very handy in the world. You can conveniently use your phone to buy groceries, pay electric bills, water bills, your rent and more.

Serve as great drivers

Through various apps like Google Maps, you can easily get to your destination without asking for help from anyone. Moreover, the impressive track traffic feature that lets you see the roads where there is traffic has been positively embraced and made many people’s lives easier.

Surfing social media pages

Smartphones have played a big role in connecting people all over the world through social media pages, and one can have multiple friends from different parts of the world. This has greatly enhanced development.

Come in handy when looking for something

Getting the answers is as easy as tapping your fingers on a screen. When looking for a good restaurant, best hospital, and receiving any reports and information. Smartphones will help you do it.

Improving Education

With all the E-learning appbooklications available on the Internet, students have a much easier time studying before the advent of smartphones. What is more is that people can even get their degrees and masters not to mention Ph.D.’s online through virtual learning.