Technical Publications – Why You Need To Write One

Have you ever thought of writing an academic paper? Well, most people especially those starting their careers have never given this subject a thought. From experience, one of the best things one can do in their academic life is publishing scholarly works. If you are a technical guy with an innovative solution, publishing your findings can be an excellent way to ignite some interest in that area. You also stand to gain from informed opinions from experts in your field.

Why you should write a research paper

Enriches your CV

Besides self-gratification, the most important posterbenefits of publishing a research paper the additional lines it adds to your resume. With a research paper under your belt, you can be sure to grab the attention of prospective employers or academic institutions looking for researchers. As a young professional, you might be surprised to realize that the only thing standing between you and your future is sharing that innovative idea.

Inspires future innovations

Once you publish your first paper, you can be sure that there will be others to come. Having a publication opens doors to meeting and interacting with like-minded people. From their interactions and insights, you can be inspired to explore other areas that are yet to be explored. For researchers doing technical publications, the first step is usually the hardest. The good thing is that even the most established scholars struggled before making a name. You only need to learn and put more effort.

You create a name for yourself

machineAnother good reason for publishing your research paper online is that you get your name in the field. You might have discovered a better way to heat rural homes or even a chuff cutter. Get out there and let everyone know! With online publication platforms like intel tech museum, your publication will be able to reach millions of readers and professionals from all over the globe. Publishing your research paper and accessing those from other scholars is an opportunity of a lifetime.

If you have a solution to offer to humanity, you have every reason to publish it online. You do not need to shy off or keep your ideas to yourself, publish it and let the world see it. All great things take time, If you feel that you are not so good at the moment, you can be assured that things will get better with practice.


Benefits Of Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies is a common term today. Most people have heard of it. However, a significant fraction of them does not know what it is and how it can help them. The concept of using computers offsite and borrowing processing power as well as storage is nothing new. The idea is older than the internet and has been used in applications for businesses, homes, and institutions just to mention a few. Cloud technologies take this idea to the next level because they combine many computers increasing processing power and storage and offer redundancy for servers. The following are the benefits of cloud technologies.

Advantages of cloud technologies


Cloud technologies are very idealistic for businesses thcloudat experience unequal growth in demand or fluctuations. For instance, after considering your requirements, you can scale up or scale down the cloud capacity. This offers you much flexibility. The speed of cloud technologies is very impressive and can be advantageous for the business over its rivals. Additionally, cloud technologies allow you to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


Another great advantage of cloud technologies is its reliability. Since the data is stored on multiple drives, even if one server breaks down the others will take over. For instance, the data will be secure even if one of the servers gets hacked. The most current version of the data will be uploaded to the rest of computers to return normalcy.


Cloud technologies can also be automated meaning that the current version of your data will always be accessible for use if the need arises. There are professionals tasked with maintaining the systems so you can focus on other important issues.

Less capital required

Cloud technology is considered to be a cost efficient method to use, maintain and boost your business. If you are starting a company without sufficient funds, you can be over-burdened with a huge cost that comes with using the traditional software. The cost is due to issue like licensing fees, especially for multiple users. On the flipside, cloud technologies will cut down the costs because they are on a subscription basis.


With cloud technologies, small businesses have the chance to compete with established companies. The key reason is that cloud technologies help small businesses to act faster than big established rivals. Moreover, cloud technologies help small businesses to keep up with competition because it gives them access to efficient and effective tools.


The loss of sensitive data may affect your business negatively in many ways. Cloud technologies offer you much protection when this happens because your data is stored in the cloud, meaning that you can access it even if you lose your laptop. And that is not all. People who design cloud computing systems put in place security measures to ensure that your data cannot fall into the wrong hands.


Five Ways Technology Can Improve Education

The development of technology has introduced a sudden advancement in learning because learning materials are available everywhere globally. The internet is a seemingly authoritative source that can be used for good when used for scholarly purposes. As we all know, technology comes with its fair share of drawbacks, but an understanding of how to use the internet safely is necessary for today’s worlds. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. In case you are questioning how technology can improve education continue reading.

How technology improves education

Learners can learn on their own

Technologies like the internet providewoman reading e-book people with the chance to educate themselves from the convenience of their home. It allows one to study as much as they want about anything. For instance, if you are interested in a course or subject that your current institution doesn’t cover you could take it upon yourself to get an education via online classes by signing up for a class free of charge or pay some fee. Through online forums among other websites, you can post queries and get instant responses. Apart from allowing you to learn on your own, technology also allows the students to chat with their instructors or other educational experts.

Advanced teaching methods

Another way in which technology improves education is advanced teaching options that allow more interaction between the learner and teacher. With the blending of tablet computers in recent years more interactive teaching and learning methods have been formulated. Interactive learning allows students to learn effectively unlike traditionally just fighting to concentrate and listen to the teacher.

Personalized learning

Customized learning is another improvement in the education sector that has arisen due to technology mainly via the use of the internet. The concept behind personalized learning is to support students to be more responsible for their learning. With personalized learning, even slow learners can learn quicker.

Saving time and money

The world’s adaptability to technology in education has many benefits to the students because students who live far away from learning institutions don’t have to waste time as well as money often traveling to attend classes. Technological advances have made learning a lot easier because students can learn or even sit for their exams without leaving the comfort of their home.


With online learning, you don’t honline learningave to worry about following a particular schedule because you have the chance to attend your classes when you wish. You have access to the internet around the clock.

Technology invented for educational use is advancing at an incredible rate, and it’s clear that it has a significant impact. Proof of its positive influence is how education is heavily depending on the internet. It once again emphasizes the potential of technology and that it will be blended into all areas where it’s of benefit sooner or later. The possibilities are endless.