Games for Your Android Mobile Phone

The Android application for accessible resources is growing very fast. For a long time, there were only a few scams and unfinished games on Android. We should not compare the Android Market with the Apple software store. The vast majority of Android phones are cheaper than the iPhone.

Android has a wide selection of smartphones in different price ranges. This has made many people choose Android phones. Today Android is perhaps the most widely used portable smartphone platform. Due to Android’s proliferation, game developers around the world have started to deliver their work for this stage. Today Android includes a wide selection of excellent games. The Android market is a program that provides for all Android devices.

Users can quickly install programs and games from the Android market. They are paid and completely free apps and games. The programs and games are listed in various courses in the Android industry. It is highlighted, the best tabs of free and paid programs for easy navigation. The search function in the android market is very valuable for consumers. To know more about mobile games, visit

Angry Birds


Angry Birds is one of the most popular games. In this application, you want to eliminate bad pigs utilizing slingshots with birds and recover their eggs. You have different types of birds with other skills to kill the beans. It is a fascinating game. There are quite a few fans of Angry Birds all over the world. The game, Angry Birds, is free for the android market.

This game is offered in three variations. The new update, released in December 2011, contains a new chapter called Bird Day Party. It consists of fifteen levels and updated graphics.

Cut the Rope

There is a candy that connects to the ropes. It would be best if you cut the strings to fall it directly to the mouth. This game has incredible images in cartoon style. Cut the rope is an extremely addictive and fun game.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing Game is different from traditional racing games. It is a fascinating game between two cars on an immediate track. In this game, there is a great selection of vehicles on the market. The multiplayer option allows you to play with friends and family on the Internet. By winning races, you can get points. It is not necessary to maneuver the car in acceleration races. The appropriate team changes determine your performance in this sport. The game is simple and easy to play. Drag Racing is a fascinating racing game to play.

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